Marshalltown, Iowa (September 20th,  2014) – As the 50th Anniversary season ended at the Marshalltown Speedway on Saturday night the race fans were left in awe and wanting more racing but will have to wait until 2015. 160 cars signed in to compete on night two of the World Nationals that included 13 different states.

First feature of the night was the IMCA Northern SportMods 20 lap feature. Logan Scott and Clint Luellen redrew the front row and they took full advantage as the race wheel to wheel. Luellen took the lead tho and shortly after lap one the caution came out when several cars got together in turn four and then again on the initial restart. Luellen got a great restart and pulled away meanwhule they were battling behind him and the only thing slowing down Luellen was lap traffic the final six laps. Luellen went on to take the win over 8th place starter Tracy Wassenberg, Logan Scott, 14th place starter Austin Kaplan and Sam Wieben.

Cayden Carter grabbed the lead early in the Modifieds Final Four race to determine the final four starters for the 50 lap feature. After the completion of lap one, Joel Bushore and Jay Noteboom got together in turn one. Carter got a great restart and never looked back taking the win putting him in the big dance. Justin O’Brien moved up four spots to finish second. Scott Olson a new arrival for night two was third and Darin Duffy started 12th and finish fourth to make the dance.

Kyle Parizek took the early lead in the 20 lap IMCA Hobby Stock feature. Parizek lead until the first race caution came out on lap three for Gina Greubel in turn four. On the restart, Parizek had to contend with Dustin Elliott and Eric Stanton. It was Stanton taking the lead away on lap five. Only ting that seemed to slow Stanton’s route to win was a trio of cautions on lap six, seven and eight. Stanton was not to be denied as he took the $700 to win courtesy of Bulldog Motorsports. Austin Luellen charged his way from tenth to second. John Watson, Elliott and 13th place starter Benji Irvine rounded out the top five.

The IMCA Stock Cars feature lived up to their name of the Class to Tough Tame for their 25 lap feature as they ran three and four wide through out the race. Kyle Vanover started outside row two but by the end of lap one he found his way to the top spot however David Brandies worked his way from eighth starting spot to second. Vanover and Brandies battled for the lead for several laps before Brandies took the lead away. Shortly after a pair of cautions came out on lap eight and nine bunching up the field. Brandies and Vanover again battled for the lead which saw Vanover taking it back. Vanover went on to take the win over Brandies, Jason Minnehan, Dave Atcher and 21st place starter Damon Murty.

The final feature of the night was the World Nationals 50 lap Modified feature presented by PBM, Erson, and World Products.   This feature did not disappoint as there was great three and four wide racing all thru the field. Brookfield, Missouri Driver Hunter Marriott took the early lead. Marriott and field saw the caution come out on lap three for Adam Larson and Justin O’Brien getting together in turn four. On the restart, it got hot and heavy but Marriott continued to lead only to see the caution come out on lap five. Marriott saw Benji LaCrosse take the lead way on lap seven. Meanwhile several battles through out the field was three or four wide racing. LaCrosse looked to be cruising away only to caution lap traffic on lap 20 and three laps later the caution came out. Caution came out two more times on laps 25 and 29 but LaCrosse was happy to take the $10,000 back to Wisconsin.

Ryan Gustin worked his way up from 11th to second and last year’s winner Jacob Murray worked his way from 17th to third. Marriott slipped back to fourth and Jeff Taylor worked his way from 16th to fifth. Justin O’Brien, Mike Jergens, JD Auringer, 24th place starter Darin Duffy and Kurt Kile rounded out the top ten.

Thanks to all the great sponsors helping out with the World Nationals: KS Engineering, Fisher Racing Engines, Midstate Machine, Webster City Machine, Gritzmacher Racing Engines, Sperry Engines, Horn Automotive, Extreme Engines, Mullins Racing Engines, Kinser Racing Engines, Karl Performance, Fast Shafts, BSB Manufacturing, Speedway Illustrated, Comp Cams, MSD, Mahle Motorsports, RaceQuip Safety Equipment, World Products, PBM Performance Products/Erson Cams, Driven Racing Oil, Mahle Clevite, Edelbrock, Fel-Pro and EQ Cylinder Heads.

That wraps up all the racing action at Marshalltown Speedway for 2014 season and we like to thank every fan, driver or crews for attending one of our races during our Anniversary season and we hope to see you next spring for our 51st season of racing at Marshalltown.

For additional information and to follow the season at the Marshalltown Speedway, log on at:, or follow Marshalltown Speedway on Facebook and Twitter, or call the speedway office at 515-231-5444.


Marshalltown Speedway Results

World Nationals Night #2

September 20th, 2014

World Nationals Modifieds

Last Chance Heat 1 : 1. Ryan Gustin; 2. Taylor; 3. Bushore; 4. Abbey; 5. Docekal; 6. 01 Chris Horn (Cedar Rapids); 7. 64ZC Brandon Leeman (Roland); 8. 21D David Brown (Kellogg); 9. 00 RM Van Pay (Denmark, WI)

Last Chance Heat 2 : 1. Abelson; 2. Murray; 3. Carter; 4. Kates; 5. Duffy; 6. 1R Craig Reetz (Dunlap); 7. 40RC Rod Clement (Rhodes); 8. 185C Bryce Carey (Nashua); DNS/9. 68 Tyler Prochaska (Iowa Falls)

Last Chance Heat 3 : 1. Larson; 2. Mashl; 3. Hanford; 4. Simatovich; 5. Greubel; 6. 57B Dennis Betzer (Central City); 7. 29 Brandon Kern (Des Moines); 8. V Milo Veloz (Colona, IL)

Last Chance Heat 4 : 1. Jon Snyder; 2. Flannagan; 3. Olson; 4. Ward; 5. Jackson; 6. 5D Devon Havlik (Iowa Falls); 7. 41P Keith Pittman (Waterloo); 8. 7 Rich Smith ( Taylor Ridge, IL); DNS/9. 22 Nick Nevins (Lisbon)

Last Chance Heat 5 : 1. Lauritzen; 2. Auringer; 3. O’Brien; 4. Noteboom; 5.Beal; 6. 98 Jason Snyder (Dunkerton); 7. 4G Kevin Goben (Sherrard, IL); 8. 17R Derek Reimer (St. Anthony); 9. 21K Kyle Brown (Kellogg)

B-Main (top 4 advance to A) :
1.Carter; 2. O’Brien; 3. Olson; 4. Duffy; 5. 23K Ben Kates (Tonganoxie, KS); 6. 43S Scott Simatovich (State Center); 7. 12D Joe Docekal (Dysart); 8. 61 Bruce Hanford (Davenport); 9. 26 Dean Abbey (Waco, TX); 10. 77B Joe Beal (Milan, IL); 11. 4TW Tim Ward (Gilbert, AZ); 12. 64 Casey Greubel (Lacona); 13. 12X Trent Jackson (Marshalltown); 14. 87 Joel Bushore (Boone); 15. 7N Jay Noteboom (Hinton)


A Main : 1. 54 Benji LaCrosse (Green Bay, WI); 2. 56 Ryan Gustin (Marshalltown); 3. 48J Jacob Murray (Hartford); 4. 62 Hunter Marriott (Brookfield, MO); 5. 5 Jeff Taylor (Cave City, AR); 6. 12J Justin O’Brien (West Union); 7. 37 Mike Jergens (Plover); 8. 00J JD Auringer (Waterloo); 9. 19D Darin Duffy (Urbana); 10. 77 Kurt Kile (Nichols); 11. 10C Cayden Carter (Oskaloosa); 12. 99 Mike Mullen (Green Bay, WI); 13. 10K Ronn Lauritzen (Jesup); 14. 19G Richie Gustin Jr. (Gilman); 15. 8X Scott Olson (Blairsburg); 16. 1X Chris Abelson (Sioux City); 17. 72 Brian Mullen (Seymour, WI); 18. 02 Andrew Schroeder (Keswick); 19. 15D Patrick Flannagan (Cedar Rapids); 20. K1 Kyle Krampe (Baxter); 21. 05 Mike Mashl (DePere, WI); 22. 2L
Adam Larson (Ankeny); 23. 85 Dustin Smith (Lake City); 24. 69X Jon Snyder (Ames)


IMCA Stock Cars
Heat 1 :
7 Jason Minnehan – 54 Robbie Merkle – 00 Andy Altenburg

Heat 2 : 2 Dave Atcher – 14A Chris Adams – 35 Donavon Smith

Heat 3 :50 Robert Stofer – 25 Trent Murphy – 71 David Brandies

Heat 4 : 19 Kyle Vanover – 7H Phil Holtz – 11 Jesse Brown


B-Feature (top 4 transfer) : 1.Murty; 2. Cole; 3. Snellenberger; 4. Daggett; 5. 04 Don Vis (Marshalltown); 6. 042 Doug Russell (Conrad); 7. 87A Aaron Matthias (Fairbank); 8. 76 Norman Belew (Granger); 9. 21K Steve Meyer (Grundy Center)


Feature : 1. 19 Kyle Vanover (Beatrice, NE); 2. 71 David Brandies (Atalissa); 3. 7 Jason Minnehan (Churdan); 4. 2 Dave Atcher (Marshalltown); 5. 99D Damon Murty (Chelsea); 6. 81 Devin Smith (Lake City); 7. 35 Donavon Smith (Lake City); 8. 25 Trent Murphy (Scranton); 9. 54X Devin Snellenberger (Pulaski, WI); 10. 2N Donavon Nunnikhoven (Sully); 11. 14A Chris Adams (McIntire); 12. 47 Scott Pippert (Elberon); 13. 31S Paul Shepard (Marengo); 14. 11 Jesse Brown (Nashua); 15. 50 Robert Stofer (Jefferson); 16. 00 Andy Altenburg (Truman, MN); 17. 44K Kevin Opheim (Mason City); 18. 31 Jason See (Albia); 19. 54 Robbie Merkle (Des Moines); 20. 22D Jared Daggett (Marshalltown); 21. 7H Phil Holtz (Manchester); 22. 556 Terry Corneilson (Boone); 23. 32 Derek Green (Granada, MN); 24. 7C Blake Cole (Nashua)

IMCA SportMods
Heat 1 :
198 Sam Wieben – 3T Tyler Soppe – 23 Jared Hansen

Heat 2 : 30 Tracy Wassenberg – 3L Clint Luellen – 69JR Johnathan Logue

Heat 3 : 82 Jake McBirnie – 0P Hunter Parsons – 98 Bill Hildreth

Heat 4 : 38X Logan Scott – 83 Keagan Scott – 1 Austin Kaplan

Heat 5 : 95J Jason Hall – 24B Brandon Brinton – 2 Nick Meyer


B-Feature 1 (top 2 transfer) : 1.Peterson; 2. VanDenBerg; 3. 57R Ryan King (Montour); 4. 777 Jayme Duinink (Pella); 5. 86 Cory Rose (Boone); 6. 20 Cody Schroeder (Manitowoc, WI); 7. 57 Lynn Brockett (Ogden); 8. 96 Jacob Beal (Milan, IL); 9. 99B Jim BonSchmit (Clemons); 10. 406 Shawn Weatherly (Eldora); 11. 00JR Race Van Pay (Denmark, WI); 12. 02 James Lewis (Rochester Hills, MI); 13. 9A Logan Anderson (Oskaloosa); 14. 34 Jerry Hinton (Adel)


B-Feature 2 (top 2 transfer) : 1. Lowry; 2. Knecht; 3. 26B Bryan Johnson (Roland); 3. 65 Mike Dauphinais (Green Bay, WI); 5. 19 Jay Schmidt (Tama); 6. 16 Beau Hanschke (New London, WI); 7. 29B Ben Wilson (Nevada); 8. CH19 Colby Heishman (Brooklyn); 9. 16K Brandon Morris (Cedar Rapids); 10. 7SR Shawn Ritter (Keystone); 11. 2B Robert Moore (Ames); 12. 80J Jared Van Deest (Holland); 13. 0X Darik Fox (Stanton, NE); DNS/14. 75 Justin Medler (Minot, ND)


Feature : 1.3L Clint Luellen (Minburn); 2. 30 Tracy Wassenberg (Shawano, WI); 3. 38X Logan Scott (Odebolt); 4. 1 Austin Kaplan (Ankeny); 5. 12 Doug Smith (Lake City); 6. 198 Sam Wieben (Dysart); 7. 0P Hunter Parsons (Green Bay, WI); 8. 83 Keagan Scott (Odebolt); 9. 19J Jenae Gustin (Marshalltown); 10. 82 Jake McBirnie (Boone); 11. 3T Tyler Soppe (Sherrill); 12. 98 Bill Hildreth (Marshalltown); 13. 69JR Johnathan Logue (Boone); 14. 7 Carter VanDenBerg (Oskaloosa); 15. 95J Jason Hall (Grinnell); 16. 2 Nick Meyer (Whittemore); 17. 72 Brett Lowry (Montezuma); 18. 01 Brayton Carter (Oskaloosa); 19. 25 Travis Peterson (Gladbrook); 20. 32Z Alex Zwanziger (Nashua); 21. 14X Austin Schrage (Cresco); 22. 49K Cody Knecht (Whittemore); 23. 24B Brandon Brinton (Nevada); 24. 23 Jared Hansen (Audubon)


IMCA Hobby Stocks
Heat 1 :
17K Kyle Parizek – 19D Dustin Elliott – 4C Curt Reed

Heat 2 : 5H Andy Hick – 4W John Watson – 3X Steve Fricke

Heat 3 : 07 Jacob Keiser – 96R Jamie Songer – 18Z Zac Smith

Heat 4 : 3A Austin Luellen – 7B Eric Stanton – 78B Andrew Burg

B-Feature (top 4 transfer) :
1. Eilander; 2. Clint Nelson; 3. Boyer; 4. Bonin; 5. 58B Randy Byely (Tipton); 6. 88D CJ Dall (Marshalltown); 7. 5 Dustin Lynch (Boone); DNS/8. 01A TJ Anderson


Feature : 1. 7B Eric Stanton (Carlisle); 2. 3A Austin Luellen (Minburn); 3. 4W John Watson (Des Moines); 4. 19D Dustin Elliott (Marshalltown); 5. 79 Benji Irvine (Stanley); 6. 4C Curt Reed (Des Moines); 7. 5H Andy Hick (Adel); 8. 17K Kyle Parizek (Belle Plaine); 9. 78B Andrew Burg (Adel); 10. 4P Matt Pohlman (Keystone); 11. 500 Garrett Eilander (Newton); 12. 96R Jamie Songer (Ankeny); 13. 87M Milo Matthias (Coco, FL); 14. 224 Gina Greubel (Lacona); 15. 07 Jacob Keiser (Marengo); 16. 27 Clint Nelson (Baxter); 17. 51 Nate Bonin (Iowa Falls); 18. 3X Steve Fricke (Marshalltown); 19. 47 Brayton Boyer (St. Lucas); 20. 85 Seth Janssen (Ogden); 21. 20X Calvin Dhondt (Kellogg); 22. 8 Jacob Bell (Mason City); 23. 18Z Zac Smith (Mason City); 24. 29 Jake Nelson (Newton)